A  Past and Present which expresses all the mystery of nature in the character of its wines.


Estate De Sterlich


In 1798, Marquis Rinaldo De Sterlich, ancestor of Diego De Sterlich, whose estate today keeps his memory alive, acquired the fruit of a huge liquidation of the patrimony of the Acquaviva Dukes, ordered by the Kingdom of Naples.

This imposing plot of land – including the current territory of Mosciano Sant’Angelo, Selva dei Colli and Piane Tordino – at Marquis Rinaldo’s behest was destined for the cultivation of vineyards. Hills now devoted to viticulture, as harsh as they are generous, extending as far as the eye can see and persistently retaining their memory.

After more than two centuries since that noble acquisition, in 2017 we took over the historic vineyard from an old Teramo family, and went back to producing the great autochthonous Abruzzo wines.

The mystery and creative identity of these places has today been handed down by the estate: our personal idea of winemaking is realized through the vision of an ideal bridge between land, cultural heritage, memory and wine.

It is on this canvas, a fabric of intangible relationships and contaminations, that we have grafted the urgency of enhancing the regional agricultural heritage and the desire to make the most authentic fruit of the Abruzzo region international, an expression of the territory and its people.


Diego De Sterlich

Diego De Sterlich Aliprandi (1898-1976), known by the crowds in the 1920s by the nickname of the “Flying Marquis” pilot, was the last descendant of the family of Austrian origin De Sterlich of the Marquis of Cermignano branch. He inherited, from his father and paternal uncle, an immense fortune made up of thousands of hectares of land, buildings, castles and towers.​

Our Marchese Volante sparkling wine line is dedicated to him, a man of another era, a pioneer of motor racing and sui generis Italian.

History and memory


The De Sterlich estate is located at 227 meters above sea level, between the valleys of the Tordino and Salinello rivers, where the hills are embellished with splendid vineyards that define the entire landscape.

The historic property now boasts twenty hectares of vineyards. We intend our vineyards  to be an authentic example of land worked with proper attention to sustainability, a place where the great autochthonous classics Montepulciano and Trebbiano are grown.

We have divided the vineyards into lots, according to the year of planting, with structures dating back to 1970 in the Abruzzese pergola, together with the most recent ones with simple guyot rows.

The soil is medium textured, tending to blue clay more than a meter deep. We work the vineyards in organic conversion with a holistic approach. The fertilizations are composed only of manure and green manure: the goal is to always get rows of grass.

The fertilizations are composed only of manure and green manure: the goal is to always get rows of grass. Sulfur and copper are used in the vineyard, without weeding or treatment with systematic products. With the same sensitivity, we perform temperature control and natural settling in the cellar, using only indigenous yeasts.

We produce six labels and two product lines, the Classica and the Riserva. The first aged in steel, the second in oak barrels.



The natural De Sterlich wines are the result of a primitive secret understanding between Nature and Man. An authentic expression of the moods of time and the Abruzzo land.

The territory of the estate is rich in water veins that run following the natural slope of the hill, under the clay and marl substrate, in the presence of polygenic sandy gravels of sandstone origin, dating back to the Quaternary period.

Integrity, authenticity and simplicity in our work in the vineyard and in the cellar, allow the wines to express their complex nature and unique character.

Water is the element around which all nature and its delicate balance revolves.

The springs, from which our historical vines tenaciously draw, feed the twenty hectares of vineyards of the estate and the surrounding territory, restoring beauty and prosperity.

Our production philosophy is based on natural and traditional winemaking methods, without any modifications or interventions: a holistic approach that favors the biological rhythms and cycles of the vine and nature.

Historical vineyard

DOC 2018

The harvest is one of the moments that most influences the character of a wine, so it is essential to choose the best period for the harvest. We have harvested, in an uncertain year, between the 15th  and 20th  September: days chosen to have the perfect acidity from the bunches, coming from our Abruzzo pergola vine planted in 1971, subsequently selected in boxes.



The treasures of Abruzzo are infinite, as precious as the sunny hills that seem to change shape with each season, cradling an ecosystem which is both complex and fragile.

From the coast to the mountains we have spectacular landscapes, together with the heritage of the Abruzzo protected areas, scattered along the Apennine ridge, and over the hills of the hinterland: a territory and a legacy to be preserved, which conceals over 75% of the animal and plant species of the European continent.

A luxuriant and strong land: the heart of the Estate.

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